Budget: Back Home (or, "vacation" in the USA before "real life" travelling)

  • Days: 52
  • Location(s): Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming
  • Avg. spending per day: $48.12

We didn't actually do the tour.

  • Splurges: restaurant dinners, fancy drinks
  • Work spending (not included above): $618

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We did it! We are unemployed and free and have the right bank accounts and travel insurance. However, we need to visit our families... which is, of course, a whole subject unto itself!

Budgeting back home should be easy. No rent, stocked refrigerators to raid, cars to borrow... pretty sweet set-up! But let's be real, we're all adults here, so you're still going to spend money. Can't mooch off your parents forever.

So where did all that money go?
  • Travel gear
    • See our packing list for men and women for details of what came with us to Asia.
    • Based on the wonderful advice of SpartanTraveler.com (check out his amazing packing list after five years of travel we didn't want to replace anything we already had. So, most of our stuff was already in our closet.
    • We did buy lightweight backpacks and smartwool socks, board shorts, backup shoes, and some miscellany to tide us over.
    • We probably bought too much. When we lived in South Australia, Amazon.com only dealt in books. We got a bit one-click happy when back in the USA!
  • Food
    • We spent time with friends and family, and you can't just eat all of their food for two months! Dinners out with friends were probably the majority of this.
  • Alcohol
    • No vacation is complete without it. Plus, Australian beer was pricey... have you HEARD of the American $4 six-pack?!
  • Recurring expenses
    • Living at home and 40+ hours of international travel require entertainment, so we kept Netflix and Google Play Family subscriptions (US$10.81 and $16 respectively).
    • Student loans don't pay themselves, but they're almost done -- about $50 monthly.
    • Phones at home (AT&T go phone is under $40 monthly without a contract) and while abroad (check out RepublicWireless.com for a US number that works anywhere you have Wi-Fi. Less than $20 a month!) and of course, local once you arrive in new countries. That'll be covered in our blog for new countries.
  • Work expenses
    • Warren is training to be an indexer, so his coursework and software add an extra cost which will not be included in this blog. That's its own subject nicely covered by the American Society for Indexing

Our finances abroad should be surprisingly simple in comparison!

What's your biggest spend when you visit your family? How do you keep it under control when you're on someone else's schedule? Tell us below!

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