Packing List for Men Traveling the World on a Budget


If you haven’t noticed from the title, this is a packing list for men (specifically me.) If you are not men, rather women, then please go look at Packing List for Women. In fact, go look at it anyway. Monica covers some information that I am too lazy to get into… and she’s better with fun fonts and colors too.

What to bring... what to bring...

I will be covering everything in the photograph (sometimes with extra tidbits included parenthetically) starting at the top right corner and working down. Once at the bottom, I’ll shift a little to the left and start back at the top and go down again. Get it? Good.

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Begin the list!!!

Not pictured: One sexy man

  • Neck Pillow (probably getting rid of this, but it was nice for the flight from LAX to Denpasar)
  • Jansport backpack (for some reason, electric blue was cheaper than any other color…)
  • Hat, everyday use
  • Hat, fun in the sun (yes, I have two hats. What of it?)
  • Canvas bags (2)
  • Eclipse glasses (2) (why do I still have these? Cause shut up, that’s why)
  • Bandaging (for sprained ankles mostly, something both Monica and I struggle with)
  • Pocket wifi
  • Portable speaker (probably getting rid of this, haven’t used it once)
  • Prescription sunglasses (for those of you who are glasses wearers, get these… they’ll change your world)
  • Backup glasses
  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones (they’re really, really amazing on flights!)
  • Deck of cards
  • Dominoes, miniature (not just for 50 year olds anymore!)
  • Ipad mini (with case, for FaceTime back home)
  • Beard trimmer (battery operated so no worrying about converters)
  • Therabands (for muscles)
  • Portable batteries (2)
  • Chromecast (just in case somewhere has a TV/Netflix)
  • USB light (very useful, thanks for these mom!)
  • Notebook for foreign language stuff
  • Light (it gets dark in much of the world when the sun goes down, and this one has a belt clip)
  • Phone charger cord
  • Computer/charger/sleeve/tiny mouse
  • Frisbee (super light and fun. Great gift from a forest ranger in Wyoming)
  • Camo wallet (cause I’m awesome)
  • Bandanna 
  • Travel towel
  • Water bottle
  • Keychain with bottle opener/tiny light/nail clippers
  • Cord, 25ft (clothesline)
  • Pocket watch on carabiner (for some reason I can’t wear a normal watch, try as I might)
  • Phone (and case)
  • Notebook for work
  • Notebook for tasks (yes, I love notebooks… although probably downsizing these soon)
  • Pen
  • Sweatshirt with hood (for cold flights/bus rides)
  • Rain jacket
  • Underwear (5) 
  • Leg wear (athletic shorts, board shorts, convertible pants)
  • Vest (check out my review for ScotteVest)
  • Compression socks
  • Hiking socks, wool (2)
  • T-Shirts (3) (may drop this down to 2)
  • Belt
  • Flip-Flops
  • Tennis shoes
  • Slip-ons
  • Not pictured: Portable washing machine/drain stopper

And that’s it.

Keep in mind, I am traveling with my partner and she is carrying some of the stuff we both use (like, for instance, did you notice that I don’t have a toothbrush? I do brush my teeth, regardless of what you’ve heard) and vice-versa.

“But what about the clothes you were wearing when you took the picture????” you ask.
“Wasn’t wearing any,” I say, “Stood around Adam naked while taking that picture.”
“But all of that can’t fit in a Jansport (even though Jansport is awesome, admittedly)!!!” you exclaim.
“Sure it can,” I say, “Just check out the cool picture of me all dressed up and ready for travel.”

Pictured: One sexy man

“You’re the greatest!” you say, “Where can I buy all that cool stuff?!?!?”
“Amazon, via our links!” I respond enthusiastically, “If you buy stuff through our links, we will get a small percentage as reward for having directed you there.”
“Why would I do that?” you ask, “What is in it for me?”
“I assumed you were going to buy it anyway,” I say, hesitantly, “Cause if you were, then it’d be nice if you bought it via our link. Unless you’re a jerk, that is!”
“I’m not a jerk!” you exclaim.
“Prove it :)” I say.
Note: This didn't actually fit in the Jansport. 


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