Review of Living in Ubud on a budget

We left Ubud yesterday. We kept our budget under $50 and still managed to have a good time!

I forgot to tell Monica not to smile :)

Monica is going to be covering how we did on our budget stuff while in Ubud, so I thought I would spend a moment and talk about all the other stuff. Like, you know, if it was fun.

As you may have gathered by reading our other posts, we are not on vacation. We are on life, so we didn’t do all the touristy stuff. If you really want to go there and spend loads of money, then I won’t help you much here.

Here's our overall city rating (criteria explained here):

 And below, you can read our more detailed good, bad, and middling:

Good things:

  • Monica did a bunch of yoga on the cheap.
  • Super pretty and easily accessible walks overlooking rice paddies (great description of how to find them here).
  • Walking around the town early in the morning while all the locals are putting together their offerings. It smells like incense and flowers everywhere and most the westerners are still sleeping off their hangovers.
  • Monkey forest. How cool is that?
  • Cool looking temples throughout.
  • Tasty meals can be bought on the cheap (less than 30,000 rupiah) if you venture off the main roads.

So-so things:

  • Tons of shopping… if you are into that sort of thing… which we are not.
  • All the ‘new-age’ hippy sort of stuff is available. Vegan, holistic, organic, etc. etc. None of which appealed to us in the least.

Not-so-good things:

  • The traffic is non-stop and loud. Our AirBnB was removed enough that it was pretty quiet, but every warung (restaurant) we ate at was on a road and could be… what’s the opposite of peaceful?
  • On a similar point, the crowds were obnoxious. People everywhere in all states of confusion. Learning how to drive a scooter for the first time, learning how to walk for the first time, being alive for the first time, all of it.


We liked Ubud and had a lot of fun there. But we will probably explore other parts of the island before making a return trip.

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