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Welcome to Normal Nomads!

Why "Normal Nomads"? We are travelers who are normal people, just like you. We aren't obsessed with fitness or diet or extreme sports or spirituality and we don't think that we have the world all figured out. We do, however, have some experience with traveling and living on a budget, and we are here to share it with you.

Hi! We're Warren and Monica, pictured above in Tokyo in November 2015.

We live out of a backpack each.

Not even a fancy backpack -- just book bags! We sold our stuff, cashed in some savings, and whittled everything we own down to carry-on size. Even still, it feels like too much. If you are curious about how we do this, you can check out our packing lists:

Warren and Monica, looking incredibly suave in Bali in September 2017.

You can also check out the "CONTENTS" (at the top) or "Topics" (on the left on a computer, in the menu on mobile) and find our travel resources like e.g. our tourist visa information for US citizens or the six tips for safely riding a scooter in Bali.


Another topic we will cover at least weekly is our travel budget for a couple.

We are determined to live on US $50 per day total for two people, including all our bills back home, accommodation, transportation, visas, food/drink, and entertainment. When we lived in Australia, I think US $50 per day would have barely been a reasonable beer budget. Just kidding (sort of)!

Under "CONTENTS" or "Topics", you can find all of our budget updates (e.g. our second week in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) or our various location summaries (e.g. Lovina, North Bali, Indonesia) posted when we move on to a new spot.

We are hanging around Asia for now, and you can check out our posts by location.


Under "CONTENTS", our travels are categorized into alphabetical locations. Because we love you :)!

Indonesia, September 2017

Specifically, Bali, September 2017

We are also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook as NormalNomads, so connect with us there for more updates! If you love our content, sign up for email alerts when we post something new. Comment on our posts with any feedback on different topics, or email us at normalnomads@gmail.com if you have personal questions or requests for information.


Thanks for checking us out!

-Warren and Monica


  1. Seu blogue é organizado e o artigo bastante bem trabalhado.
    Você escreve de forma clara e até me ajudou à progredir
    minha escrita.


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